When selling your house, what's included?


When selling your house, what's included?

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I've been having this discussion with DH over the past few evenings (following on from a comment an estate agent who valued our house made) about what gets included in the sale of your property.Now I've been discussing whether we should leave the curtain poles and take the curtains as they are not fixed to the property (so don't come under the heading 'fixtures'). I also think that when you work up the cost of the white goods, it comes over €1k probably closer to €1.5 or €2k when new and I wouldn't think that they should come as part of the deal. Fine if someone wants them, let them pay say €200 per item and what they don't want we take with us when we move?Can I get an independent Magicmum answer on this one - what would you include in the sale of your house?

Please help.

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Re: When selling your house, what's included?

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