LaLiga referees to become the highest-paid in Europe


LaLiga referees to become the highest-paid in Europe

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Salary rises will see Spanish referees becoming the highest-paid in Europe, sbobet88888 as LaLiga plan to increase their income by more than 50 percent in the upcoming seasons.Commencing this season, the referees of the first division will get a 53 percent rise on their salary reaching 296,000 euros per year by 2022/23, while their assistants will have their pay check boosted by 61 percent. Moreover, as MARCA learned, the lower-tier referees and assistants' salary will rise by 67 percent and 82 percent, sbobet88888 respectively.LaLiga will assume the Social Security expenses of the members along with the introduction of VAR, which is set to apply from 2019/20 in the Segunda Division, will also contribute to their income improvement.The new technology integration will provide the referees with the opportunity to attend more games each season as video assistants.LaLiga's plan also includes new sponsorship deals and a relocation plan that will ensure referees' football involvement after retirement. sbobet88888
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